What is Mobile Learning ?

What is Mobile Learning?

The above question attracts a lot of answers from different scholars that have different perception about the concept of Mobile Learning. Some of them define Mobile Learning from the perspective of the technology used to access the learning materials while some of them look at it from the learner’s view (that is the situation and location where the learning process take place).  The first Professor of Mobile Learning, Prof John Traxler said “Mobile learning is new. It is currently difficult to define, conceptualize and discuss. It could perhaps be a wholly new and distinct educational format, needing to set its own standards and expectations, or it could be a variety of e-learning, inheriting the discourse and limitations of this slightly more mature discipline.” However, another scholar named Muhamed Ally define Mobile Learning as the process of using a mobile device to access and study learning materials and to communicate with fellow students, instructors or institutions .Mobile learning can be done anytime, anywhere.

From this we can conclude that Mobile Learning  is a new phenomena that has a promising future as a new field of Educational Technology. Below picture is a portrait that can help us in defining Mobile Learning from three different points of view.

mobile learn


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